Stop app switching, use Spike instead

Switching between so many apps kills your productivity - making it hard to focus and get things done. Spike teamspace brings your team chat, email, video calls, and docs into one unified feed.

Spike unifies your chat, channels, emails, docs, and video calls into one teamspace

Get your team on the same page

At the heart of Spike are channels: conversations organized by topic. With channels, it’s easier to chat with team members and clients to keep everyone aligned.

Connect with anybody, anywhere

Seamlessly chat and email with your coworkers, clients and partners from a unified feed, even if they’re not on Spike.

Work exactly the way you want

Your teamspace gives you all the flexibility to work when, where and how it’s best for you. You can chat, email, hop on a video call or send an audio message to get things done.

Rest easy - your data is safe & sound

No matter how you communicate - chat, email, channels or groups - everything is accessible, searchable and archivable at any moment.

A better way to work

Focus on work
instead of app switching.

One streamlined experience connects everyone inside and outside your organization. Adios app switching.

Reach sky-high

With chat-like email and all collaboration tools built-in, your team will stay focused and aligned.

Cut on apps.
Cut your costs.

One app. One teamspace. You really can do more with less.

Key Features

  • Email & Custom domain

  • Team Chat

  • Video Meetings and Calls

  • Calendar

  • Collaborative Notes & Docs

  • Super Search

  • Priority Inbox

  • Voice Messages