Make your team come true

Discover the first teamspace that makes it easy to collaborate like pros, communicate like friends and get things done like superheroes

Unify your business email, team chat & channels, docs, and video calls into one teamspace

Bring your domain or we’ll set you up with one

All your conversations happen here

Your email, chat and channels are all in the same place. Chat with your teammates, create channels for any topic or project, and enjoy an email experience that’s as easy as chat.

Use your new Spike email account or integrate any other email account you already work with.

Say goodbye to app switching

Start a video meeting, make a call or send a voice message. Talk with anyone, even if they’re not on Spike, directly from your teamspace.
No need for app switching or context switching.

Get your team on the same page. Literally.

Make your team work as one. With collaborative Notes & Docs everyone can write, brainstorm, edit, and make decisions together, from the same teamspace.

A better way to work

Focus on work.
Instead of app switching.

One streamlined experience connects everyone inside and outside your team. Adios app switching.

Reach sky-high

With chat-like email and all collaboration tools built-in, your team will be aligned and kicking.

Cut on apps.
Cut your costs.

One effortless teamspace, one-time payment. You really can do more with less.

Key Features

  • Email & Custom domain

  • Team Chat

  • Video Meetings and Calls

  • Calendar

  • Collaborative Notes & Docs

  • Super Search

  • Priority Inbox

  • Voice Messages